About Us

AmbiVan is joint venture of Indian Institute of technology Delhi and Indian Road Safety Campaign. The project aims at providing fast and reliable ambulance service through a wide network of hospitals and ambulance providers brought under one roof. The alarming number of deaths of accident victims due to unavailability of ambulance during the Golden Hour gave rise to this social innovation project. Ambivan will provide variety of services through app and web based platforms which include, booking of ambulances, real time monitoring of bed availability in hospitals, patient tracking, simplified payment procedures, helpdesks and information centre.The service helps people connect to both paid and free ambulance providers and book one accordingly.

Many people are unaware of the fine which the ambulance provider working under 108/102 needs to submit a fine if the van doesn’t reach within 20 minutes in urban areas. The prime objective is to reduce the response time of emergency services thus making them faster and better.